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Divin Kvint XO Surprise age 10 years

Aged:  10 Years
Alcohol:  40% vol
Total sugar:  9 g/dm3

Category:  XO
Capacity:  0.5 L
Grape varieties:  Bianca, Aligote, Pervenets of Magarach, Riesling, Riton, Suruchensky White, Ugni Blanc, Colombard
Ingredients:  eaux-de-vie, purified water, sugar

Recommended serving temperature: between  20 and 22°С in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top.

Made from best wine-distilled spirits aged in oak barrels for 10 years.

This divin was created in 1961. It was dedicated to the upcoming 22nd Congress of the Communist Partyof USSR. During several decades it was considered the best “communist” divin. This mellow, harmonious drink features delicate aroma of wild flowers, vanilla and resinous hints.